June 2018
The French magazine LE MARIN, devotes an article to our POLAR solution (June issue).
LE MARIN présente notre solution POLAR dans son numéro du 28 Juin.

70 souls saved following extraordinary rescue effort in the Azores. Learn more...
May 2018
NAVEXPO meeting
We were present at NAVEXPO (Lorient, FRANCE) in May 2018.
March 2018
SURVITEC to deploy evacuation super slide in the US for the first time at SEATRADE CRUISE GLOBAL
Safety solutions provider Survitec will be demonstrating its evacuation Super Slide at Seatrade Cruise Global in Fort Lauderdale, a US first for the company. The SURVITECZODIAC slide will be mounted from the third level of the exhibition to the second level, allowing attendees the unique opportunity to experience a smooth and speedy evacuation. Learn more...
January 2018
All 70 passengers were saved during successful evacuation using SURVITECZODIAC MES slide
On 6 January 2018, a passenger ferry – "Mestre Simão" – run by the ferry transportation firm Atlanticoline, ran aground near the port of Madalena do Pico in the Portuguese region of the Azores. Mestre Simão, which was commissioned by Altlanticoline in 2013 to provide maritime transport for people and vehicles, was equipped with two SURVITECZODIAC MES MIS (Marine Evacuation System with Medium Inflatable Slide) and two SURVITECZODIAC MES SIS (Marine Evacuation System with Small Inflatable Slide). Learn more...
March 2017
Baltic Workboats chooses SURVITECZODIAC autolaunch escape slides & liferafts for new ferry
SurvitecZodiac has received an important order for Autolaunch escape systems and liferafts from Baltic Workboats in Nasva, Estonia. The systems will be delivered early this year for installation aboard the first of two new vessels being built for the Swedish transport authority’s ferry company, Färjerederiet. The new ferry is due for completion in 2017 and will become a sister ship to the Saturnus which is currently the largest vessel in the Färjerederiet fleet. With a length of 100 meters and a beam of 18 metres the new ships are the largest built at the Estonian yard. It will have the capacity to carry up to 297 passengers and 80 cars along routes on Swedish waterways.
When it enters service the new ferry will function with a crew of only 3. The SurvitecZodiac Autolaunch evacuation systems will consequently be an important feature of the ferry’s operational capability. If there are few crew available, the pressure of other emergency duties can make it difficult for them to prepare, launch and bowse a liferaft and its slide. The Autolaunch escape slides and liferafts can therefore be deployed at the touch of a button in the wheelhouse when they will become fully inflated and ready for use in less than two minutes. The design of the Autolaunch system can also save vital minutes in an emergency by enabling multiple slides and rafts to be deployed simultaneously. Learn more...
June 2014
SURVITECZODIAC Chevanceaux, France announces its newest 12.5m Inflatable Evacuation Slide System
The 12.5 meter Inflatable Evacuation Slide extends the growing lineup Medium Inflatable slide. The Inflatable Evacuation Slide now has models from 3.8 meters up to 12.5 meter allowing SurvitecZodiac to supply the model that fits your needs. See the detalls of this new slide. Learn more...
August 2013
SURVITECZODIAC products approved by Russian Shipping Register
The inland waterways of Russia can now benefit form a new standard of safety equipment, following the approval granted to Survitec Group’s SurvitecZodiac brand, by the Russian River Register. The approval was granted after inspectors from the Register completed a detailed study of the liferafts, escape slides and rescue boats manufactured by Survitec Group under the SurvitecZodiac brand. This included verifying their reliability, manufacturing processes and quality control methods employed at the company’s facility in Chevanceaux, France. The approval will now open the Russian River and inland waterway markets for these products, where it is expected that they will be welcomed by the 18,000 vessels on the Register. Learn more...
Australian Cape Class Patrol Boats fitted with SURVITECZODIAC LIFESAVING TECHNOLOGY
The first in a fleet of 8 Cape Class patrol boats has been fitted with advanced mini escape slides and liferafts from SurvitecZodiac. The Cape St George was launched at the Austal yard in Henderson, West Australia in January and has now been delivered to the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service after fit-out and trials. All eight of the advanced, state-of-the-art aluminum patrol boats are scheduled for delivery by August 2015. Learn more...
January 2013
Swedish Ferry enters service with new SURVITECZODIAC Escape Slide System
A new version of the successful SurvitecZodiac MIS MES escape slide and liferaft system has been fitted to the latest addition to the Ventrafiken fleet. The Uraniborg was recently completed at the Hvide Sande shipyard in Denmark and has just entered service between Landskrona and the island of Ven located in the Oresund between Sweden and Denmark. Learn more...
August 2012  
SURVITEC Group unveils its latest Technological Advancement in Marine Evacuation Systems  
During SMM 2012, visitors to the Survitec Group stand will have the first opportunity to observe the new ‘remote liferaft launch’ feature for the world-leading SurvitecZodiac MIS (Medium Inflatable Slide) Escape Slide System. On display in Hall B1.OG on Stand 600, the innovative feature of the new SurvitecZodiac system enables a second liferaft to be remotely launched after the double track escape slide has been deployed and its first 150 person liferaft has been automatically inflated. By pulling a painter line on the ship, the new development allows the second liferaft to be deployed. Previously it was necessary for a crew member to descend into the first liferaft, from where the second could be inflated. The development of a remote inflation capability now eliminates the need for any crew to leave the ship ahead of passengers and permits the almost immediate deployment of a second liferaft as soon as the first has been activated. This is expected to save valuable seconds of vessel evacuation time for passengers and crew. The SurvitecZodiac range of Marine Evacuation Systems is already at the forefront of escape slide performance, with this particular Escape Slide System offering high speed evacuation of 731 passengers in 30 minutes, when used with SurvitecZodiac Throw Over 150 person canopy liferafts. When used with SurvitecZodiac Open Reversible Inflatable 151 person open liferafts, 397 passengers can escape in 17 min 40 sec. All liferafts used by the new system are of the SurvitecZodiac Aspirator type and weighing in at just 490kg, makes a significant, overall weight reduction possible when compared to a regular Throw Over, Self Righting 150 person liferaft weight of 840kg. This demonstrates the system’s suitability for use on high speed craft. GRP containers allow for simple storage of the liferafts and the inflatable slide is folded and rolled around it on tilting deployment cradle, ensuring the SurvitecZodiac system is suitable for a wide range of vessels including high speed craft governed by the HSC Code, small passenger vessels operating in national waters, military vessels and RO-RO ferries on short international voyages.

Come and find out more about Survitec Group at SMM Hamburg 2012. Hall BG.O1, Stand 600.

Sales Enquiries Dave Parslow - SurvitecZodiac
Tel: 00 33 5 46 04 60 70 Fax: 00 33 5 46 04 65 92
Email: dave.parslow@survitecgroup.com, www.surviteczodiac.com
June 2012  
SURVITECZODIAC Presented at Poisidonia 2012  
Posidonia 2012 is just around the corner and it will be the first opportunity for visitors to see the SurvitecZodiac range of products being presented since the acquisition of the Zodiac Solas business by Survitec last summer. Our SurvitecZodiac customers will now benefit from the back-up and resources that are gained by being part of the world number one in marine safety and survival equipment.

SurvitecZodiac will be exhibiting on stand number 3413 which will be listed in the catalogue under the name of its Greek distributor, Selas Kos.

The SurvitecZodiac brand of liferafts will be represented prominently on the stand and will include more innovative products from our impressive range, including the Ultra Compact Xtrem liferaft and also our self-stacking davit-launched liferafts which are able to offer ship operators major savings in deck space and versatility.

Dave Parslow, Sales Director, commented on SurvitecZodiac’s exhibition plans, "Our new, escape slide deployment DVD, which features the MIS MES escape slide, will also be a major feature on the stand. The SurvitecZodiac MIS MES is known to provide the fastest evacuation speed for small to medium-sized ships and high speed craft as it can enable the escape of 731 passengers in 30 minutes when used with the Throw-Over 150 person canopy life rafts. This advanced slide is available with a range of size and liferaft options which make it suitable for a wide variety of vessels either as a new build or a retro-fit."

"We will also be showcasing our most recent escape slide innovation, the SurvitecZodiac MES ESS. This marine evacuation system features an inflatable slide and open reversible liferaft that can be launched and inflated automatically, by the ship’s Master pressing a button on the bridge. The unit is automatically launched over the ship’s side enabling the slide and raft to inflate. Self-tensioning electric winches then automatically pull-in bowsing lines to make the escape system secure and ready for use. This system is likely to be of particular interest to operators of small ferries and passenger ships as it can free crews for other emergency duties that would not be possible if they had to launch a system manually." He added.

For more information on our products and services, please visit us at Posidonia on stand 3413
or contact David Parslow: +33 (0)540161940
Email: dave.parslow@survitecgroup.com, www.surviteczodiac.com
September 2011  
SURVITEC Acquisition of DBC Marine and Zodiac SOLAS  
Survitec Group Limited, one of the global leaders in safety and survival equipment, has completed its acquisition of the Zodiac® commercial SOLAS liferaft business from Zodiac Marine Pool. The acquired business comprises Zodiac SOLAS in Chevanceaux, France and its Vancouver based sister company, DBC Marine Safety Systems in Canada. This further enhances Survitec’s plans for global expansion in the marine industry. Check out the official press release for more details View PDF Press Release
June 2011  
New SurvitecZodiac Slide Added to Website  
SurvitecZodiac recently obtained EC Med, Transport Canada, and United States Coast Guard approval on their new large slide evacuation system. Check out the web page for more details New SurvitecZodiac Slide Check out the web page for more details here.
November 2010  
NEW !! SURVITECZODIAC Service Stations Lookup  
On-Line with Google maps Find the Service Station You need by browsing with Google maps or download the PDF file
October 2009  
SURVITECZODIAC Service Stations On Line Parts Database  
Find parts you need to repair your rafts and see pictures of them to be sure you have right one.
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