Medium Inflatable Slide Systems

SOLAS canopied liferafts
  • SOLAS A or B pack 100 persons or SOLAS B 150 persons liferafts
  • Regular or self righting  (TO or TO SR liferafts)
  • 1 raft packed with slide for quick operation
Open reversible liferafts (ORILs/IBAs)
  • IBA or HSC Pack
  • 100 or 151 persons capacity
  • Two ORILs can be packed in one container with the slide creating a very easy to use evacuation system
General details:
  • 6 slide lengths to cover vessel freeboards between 4.8m and 12.5m
  • 750 persons in 30 minutes for SOLAS passenger ship requirements
  • 397 persons in 17 minutes 40 seconds for High Speed Code (HSC) requirements
  • Push button system deployment and detachment of slide from liferaft
  • 150 persons liferaft translates to very low crewing requirements
  • Simple removal system for rapid, easy servicing
  • Additional liferaft(s) stored close to slide location on separate cradles
  • SURVITECZODIAC liferafts use patented Venturi inflation system, using fewer gas cylinders and saving significant weight
  • Twin tracks that allow users to descend at a comfortable safe rate
  • Easy to use for people of all ages, sizes, and abilities

SOLAS canopied liferafts
Canopy Liferafs

Open reversible liferafts (ORIL/IBA)
System specifications:

The MIS system is supplied with the following:
  • System including liferaft/ORIL in a cylindrical container + slide + aluminum cradle + cover
  • Manual and remote release system (control panel also manages the additional liferafts)
  • Float free device - automatically activated in case of ship sinking
  • Bowsing arrangement of the primary liferaft comprising: bowsing lines, winch, rope clutches, blocks and split tubes for bowsing lines


MIS approval certificate

MES MIS system types

Closed deck installations:
  • MES cradle support interface
  • Aluminum hull door
  • MES premises with inboard side door
Closed MIS Dimentions

Open deck installations:
  • MES cradle support interface
  • Ultra light weight fabric housing
Closed MIS Dimentions

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