Evacuation Slide Systems (ESS)

- Specifically designed for Low Freeboard Vessels
- Combination of slide + liferaft stowed in an innovative space-saving container
- Safe and speed evacuation for all passengers (young, old and the physically challenged !)
- Several models are available for vessels with freeboard heights from
   3m/10 feet to 3.65m/12 feet
- EC: liferafts 50 & 150 persons & ORIL 100 & 151 persons
- USA: IBA 50/100 persons - Canada: IBA 75/150 persons

Product features:

- Efficient
* Innovative and slim line stowage container
* Maximized deck space
* Easy deployment: once safety operations are carried out, the automatic deployment
   and inflation of the system occurs in 45 seconds

- Accessible
* Release bar and entry mounted at deck level for all passengers

- Cost effective
* Ideal for new and retrofit applications

- Space saving
* Increased deck space
* Mini-slide is either available in separate portable valise unit,
  close to the ESS or included in the ESS (packed with the liferaft/ORIL)

- ESS MES SIS systems available:

SurvitecZodiac products
  . ESS 850 - L 1845mm x l 611mm x H 1420mm
  . ESS 1000 - L 2128mm x l 611mm x H 1645mm
  . ESS 1000 Vertical - L 1700m x l 635mm x H 2000mm
  . ESS 1500 - L 2478mm x l 600mm x H 2000mm
  . ESS MES SIS available with:
    ORIL 100V - TDS
    50 TO - TDS A Pack & TDS B Pack
    150 TO SR V - TDS
    and slide up to 3.80m

                                         ESS Vertical

 DBC products
   . ESS 50 (USCG) / 75 (CCG) (Model SL25)
   . ESS 100 (USCG) / 150 (CCG) (Model SL32)
   . ESS 100 (USCG) / 150 (CCG) (Model SL40)
   . Models available for vessels with freeboard heights up to
     3m/10 feet in USA &
     4m/13 feet in canada

contact us for specifications.

EC, TC, USCG approved.

* Specifications in drawings subject to change without notice
* Technical data, dimensions and weights may differ according to various national rules




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