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. SURVITECZODIAC POLAR solution in French magazine LE MARIN (June 2018 issue)
. We were present at NAVEXPO meeting, Lorient (FRANCE)
. SURVITEC to deploy evacuation super slide in the US for the first time at SEATRADE CRUISE GLOBAL -
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. All 70 passengers were saved during successful evacuation using SURVITECZODIAC MES slide - Learn more

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Liferafts Rescue Boats Marine Evacuation Systems
Throw Over
Throw Over Self Righting
Pro Peche
Davit Launched
Davit Launched Self Righting
Open Reversible
RIBO 340
RIBO 420
RIBO 450
RIBO 600
FRB 600
DBC Evacuation Slide
DBC Evacuation Chute
Small Slides up to 3.2 Meters
Medium Slides up to 3.8 to 9.3 Meters
Large Slides up to 12.5 Meters
A member of ILAMA International Life-saving Appliance Manufacturers Association
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