RIBO 340
The SurvitecZodiac RIBO 340 P Sling is a 'Non SOLAS' rigid/inflatable rescue boat with 5 persons capacity.
It refers to EC Directive 2002/35/EC for fishing vessels of 24 meters and over. This is linked to the Torremolinos Convention for fishing vessels that allows Marine Administrations the possibility to accept "Non SOLAS " rescue boat under 3.80 m but over 3.30 m with a capacity of 5 pers (4 seated, 1 lying).

Advanced Features of SurvitecZodiac rescue boat
- Length: 3.40m
- Launched by means of a sling and approved release hook

download 3D file (.igs file) for RIBO 340.

General technical information:
- Rescue boats

TypeTechnical datasheetCertificateUK Red Ensign
RIBO 340

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