SURVITECZODIAC / DBC Marine Evacuation Chute (MEC)
Most efficient, easy-to-use, flexible and cost-effective Marine Evacuation System available to evacuate passengers and crew with the utmost safety in the shortest possible time (gravity-launch system).

How It Works
- Fabric descent chute with inflatable platform stored in a compact housing either on the evacuation deck
  (inside or outside the vessel) or unobtrusively on the deck above (see the figures and pictures below)
- Under emergency situation, a crew-member releases the Marine evacuation chute (MEC) by pulling
  handle. The chute and platform fall to the water and the platform automatically inflates
- Meanwhile, the liferafts are launched from their racking system, inflated and attached to the platform
- Passengers enter the chute by way of the housing and safely descend to the platform
- They are then dry-transferred to the liferafts with the rescue boats standing by to assist

Fig 1. I and O type MEC housings, shown deployed.

I-Type Housing (Evacuation Deck Storage)

O-Type Housing (Overhead Storage)
Clear benefits:

- Extremely easy to use
  * Maximum efficiency with minimum effort
  * Extensive crew training

- Safety built in
  * Fully adjustable components for all conditions
  * Zig-zag design of the chute for the safe descent of passengers
  * Protective cover and fender system to guard passengers against environmental hazards
  * Minimum space on deck: compact chute housing + liferafts tidily stored on rack
- Flexibility is key
  * Lightweight, compact and easily mounted system to fit on all vessel designs
  * Easy transfer from vessel to vessel

- The best solution for the least money
  * Initial investment + installation, maintenance and service cost < other systems
- First time, every time
  * Simple & sophisticated design + high quality of each component for system reliability
  * 24 hours turnaround for any service

- One supplier you can trust
  * Complete end to end system manufactured to SOLAS requirements
  * Highest quality design & compatibility of all components

- Worldwide Servicing
  * Full maintenance contracts on demand for ship owners
  * Servicing schedule arranged by Service Administrator for any situation

Fig 2. MEC with inflated platform & liferaft.
MEC housing installed above evacuation deck

Simply pull the lever to quickly and easily
deploy the chute and platform.
View a drawing of the MEC system here
Chute into water > Platform inflates > Housing doors open.
System ready to transfer passengers in 5 minutes
Liferafts secured to the platform at the base of the chute.
Passengers descend through the chute for dry transfer to
the liferafts (rescue boat assistance).
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